Typical, natural, genuine

Terre di Landro extra virgin olive oil is obtained through a continuous cold pressing process of the olives, preserving the nutrients and flavors, creating a pleasant and flavorful oil rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

The entire production process, from olive harvesting to packaging, is managed with great care to ensure environmental sustainability and consumer health.

The fresh taste and herbal notes of the oil, with hints of tomato and thistle, make it ideal for pairing with both savory and structured dishes.

On the nose, fragrant herbal and fruity notes are detected, evoking the scents of the sun-kissed Sicilian countryside. On the palate, the oil reveals a rich and complex taste, bitter yet delicate and balanced, characterized by a slight spicy note that gives it character.

Technical Data Sheet

Olive Varieties: Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Moresca, Cerasuola.

Harvest Period: September and October.

Harvesting Method: with mechanical shakers.

Extraction Method: within 12 hours of harvesting, using a continuous cold pressing system.

Storage: in stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen.

Appearance: slightly cloudy.

Color: golden yellow with green reflections.

Aroma: intense, fresh, with notable herbal notes. Hints of tomato and thistle.

Taste: savory, persistent, balanced bitter-spicy. Slight astringent touch with almond undertones.

Usage: a medium fruity oil suitable for both raw and cooking applications.