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The extra virgin olive oil industry is always looking for innovative ways to improve the preservation and distribution of the product.

In this context, the bag in box has proven to be a true revolution in how EVO oil is packaged and made available to consumers. This modern packaging system represents the new frontier in the EVO oil industry, offering a range of significant advantages that meet the needs of modern consumers.

The bag in box consists of a flexible, airtight bag contained within a sturdy outer box. This solution offers numerous benefits, starting with preservation. EVO oil is known for its delicate taste and fragrant aroma, but it is also susceptible to external factors such as oxygen, light, and heat, which can alter its freshness and quality.

The bag in box is designed to preserve the oil, minimizing contact with air, protecting it from light and heat, and ensuring that every pour of oil is fresh and intact.

Furthermore, the dispensing system is extremely practical. The inner bag is equipped with a tap that allows for precise measurement of the required amount of oil without dripping or wastage. This makes it ideal for daily use in the kitchen, offering convenience and cleanliness in use. Even in the hospitality and food industry, the bag in box has proven to be an efficient solution for distributing high-quality EVO oil.

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The advantages of the bag in box for extra virgin olive oil

bag in box

The Bag in Box offers several significant advantages for both EVO oil and consumers. This innovative packaging solution has been designed to meet contemporary needs for convenience, preservation, and sustainability, and it has proven to be an outstanding choice in many aspects.

One of the main advantages is its ability to preserve the freshness of EVO oil. The flexible bag inside is hermetically sealed, significantly reducing the oil’s contact with air. This means that the oil is protected from oxidation, which can compromise its flavor and quality.

Furthermore, it shields the oil from light and heat, two factors that can accelerate the degradation of the oil.

Another major advantage is its convenience. The inner bag is equipped with a tap that allows for controlled pouring of the oil. This means that you can precisely measure the oil without dripping or wastage. This convenience is particularly appreciated in the kitchen, where EVO oil is often used for seasoning dishes or cooking. Additionally, the Bag in Box is easily portable and stackable, making storage a breeze.

The sustainability of the Bag in Box

One of the most significant aspects of the Bag in Box for extra virgin olive oil is its environmental sustainability. In an era where environmental conservation has become a global priority, this represents an eco-friendly and responsible choice.

The primary contribution is the significant reduction in plastic use. Traditionally, EVO oil was packaged in glass or plastic bottles, which often pose an environmental issue due to their production, transportation, and disposal. In contrast, the Bag in Box uses a much smaller amount of plastic. The flexible bag inside the outer container is lightweight and requires less plastic than traditional bottles. This results in a reduced environmental impact stemming from plastic production and helps address the issue of plastic waste in the environment.

Furthermore, the Bag in Box is designed to be logistically efficient. Its compact and lightweight design reduces the overall product weight, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions during transportation and distribution. This means that less energy is expended in moving products from producers to consumers, with a positive impact on climate change.

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